About Top-Chefs

Top-Chefs is the matchmaker in the hospitality industry! Our platform allows us to connect freelance hospitality staff and hospitality companies quickly and easily. Both freelance hospitality workers and hospitality companies are connected to our platform. By doing so, we create a place where they can meet.  With our platform, a hospitality company creates a team of freelance staff around their business. This ensures they always have enough staff!

And with your own preferred pool, you decide by whom and when. Register now completely free and place your first shift. Shiftbase customers receive €50.00 off the total amount with their first placed and filled shift!

Information about the integration
The integration between Top-Chefs and Shiftbase enables hospitality businesses to set out open services within the Shiftbase platform, after which Top-Chefs is able to provide freelance hospitality staff for these open services. This means that as a hospitality business you can quickly and easily hire qualified staff when you need extra hands. Thanks to this direct link you can easily benefit from Top-Chefs' extensive network within your Shiftbase environment.

To activate the integration you will need an account with Top Chefs. You can easily create one via this link.


  • Deploy open service in Shiftbase
  • Supply personnel for these services via Top-Chefs
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