About Personio

Personio is the modern all-in-one HR solution for SMEs. Invest time in your employees, so that at the bottom line you are more efficient with time in your business. For the best results.

Information about the integration

Linking Shiftbase to Personio gives you instant insight into your personnel administration and worked hours. Handy for the HR manager and planner.


  • Real-time export of worked hours to Personio
  • Real-time import of personnel records to Shiftbase
  • Absence-export to Personio

Real-time export of hours worked to Personio
Exporting hours worked from Shiftbase to Personio, via the API, synchronizes data on hours worked by employees without a fixed place of work in a seamless, automated process. This not only saves time, but also minimizes the risk of errors, providing accurate and up-to-date insights for HR managers and schedulers. Especially for organizations with a large number of employees in operations with mostly changing shifts, this is very valuable given the complexity of this hour-registration process.

Real-time import of personnel records to Shiftbase
Importing personnel records from Personio to Shiftbase ensures that employee data, contract information and other relevant data are consistently accurate and up-to-date. This accuracy provides the foundation for HR managers, operations managers and schedulers, reducing the risk of errors in scheduling, payroll and other essential processes. For organizations dealing with frequent personnel changes, real-time importing streamlines the onboarding process for non-desk employees. New employees can be seamlessly integrated into Shiftbase, minimizing manual data entry and ensuring that the latest employee information is readily available for immediate management.

Absence export from Shiftbase to Personio
The absence-export from Shiftbase to Personio via the API is extremely valuable for HR managers. It not only automates the transfer of data related to absence but also ensures that your data is synchronized in both systems. This feature adds value by reducing manual effort, improving accuracy and giving HR departments insight e.g. vacation balances and plus and minus hours of their non-desk employees.


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