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NextUp facilitates and optimizes your entire transport process in a modern environment that is completely tailored to your organization.

We use the latest technologies to make NextUp work naturally in all layers of your transport organization or courier company, which saves a lot of valuable time. In addition, we already interface with many tools and applications by default, allowing us to seamlessly connect with your transportation process and business goals. Among the possibilities are: NextUp App, BI tool & Route Optimization.

Information about the integration



  • Hourly wage takeover from Shiftbase
  • Registered hours in NextUp App → Shiftbase
  • User Sync
  • Schedule export to NextUp


Hourly wage takeover from Shiftbase

Hourly wages from Shiftbase are used in current integrations, among other things, to calculate the cost of a trip in NextUp TMS.

Registered hours in NextUp App → Shiftbase

The hours that drivers register in the NextUp app are uploaded to Shiftbase, in order to have complete visibility of the hours worked.

User Sync

Created users in Shiftbase are automatically created and synced with NextUp TMS. This keeps adding master data on staff centralized.

Schedule export

The schedules created in Shiftbase are exported into NextUp.