About Jixbee 

With Jixbee, employees can pay themselves directly for their hours worked.

Through our app, they have real-time insight into their earnings on and can withdraw them flexibly and on-demand. Without having to wait for payroll or administrative actions from the employer.
This allows them to focus better on work and have more motivation through immediate compensation.

Information about the integration

Accrued hours are transferred real-time from Shiftbase to Jixbee at the employee level.
Employees can then withdraw up to 50% of their gross earnings based on these hours.
Jixbee then synchronizes with your payroll application (NMBRS, Employes and many more). 
Paying your employees in between times is now a breeze!


  • Send accredited hours at employee level from Shiftbase to Jixbee.

Jixbee app

Jixbee app 2