HR & Salaris Gemak

About HR & Salaris Gemak

The world of HR and payroll administrations is constantly evolving, with complexity and workloads steadily increasing. Payroll administration is one of the most business-critical aspects of administration and also one of the most underestimated. As a payroll administrator, you need reliable systems and processes that truly support you. You want to ensure that payroll processing complies with all regulations and that you can quickly and easily respond to management's reporting queries. HR & Salary Convenience is the most flexible and feature-rich system on the market, enabling you to handle all situations and collective labor agreements (CAOs).

About the integration

You can manage the integration with HR & Salary Convenience yourself in Shiftbase. Within the settings of the integration, you can determine which data Shiftbase updates. 



  • Automatically import employees into Shiftbase from HR & Salary Convenience.
  • Export worked hours from Shiftbase to HR & Salary Convenience.
  • Linking departments in Shiftbase to cost centers in HR & Salary Convenience.

HR & Salaris Gemak now operates under the name Exact. More information about this is available at their website.