About EasySecure

EasySecure specializes in innovative solutions for access control, time tracking, and visitor management. With a strong focus on user-friendliness and the use of cutting-edge technologies, EasySecure provides effective and reliable security solutions for its customers. Since 2005, the company has a global presence with locations in Rotterdam, Düsseldorf, and London, offering tailored solutions to meet individual requirements.

Information about the integration

EasySecure has teamed up with Shiftbase to enhance personnel management and security measures when tracking working hours. This collaboration combines the strengths of both platforms to provide a comprehensive solution for companies seeking efficient and secure business processes.


  • ISO Standard Security: EasySecure ensures the highest security standards according to ISO Data pro, providing peace of mind and data protection.
  • Accurate Time Tracking and Access Control: The integration allows for precise time tracking and secures access through various methods to ensure accurate and controlled entries.
  • Flexible Stamping Options: Users can stamp in using various convenient methods for access control, including smartphones, RFID (card, chip), PIN, QR code, or biometrics (fingerprint and face), offering diverse and comfortable options.