About Buddee

Digitize and automate your HR affairs and payroll administration, freeing up more time for your people. Buddee is a user-friendly and flexible HR platform offering digital employee records, leave and absence management, document and contract management, payroll administration, time tracking, and much more. This allows you, as an entrepreneur, to focus on running your business while saving direct and indirect costs. And your employees? They enjoy numerous benefits!

How the Integration Works

By connecting Shiftbase to Buddee, you gain immediate insight into your personnel administration and worked hours. Handy for the HR manager and planner.


  • Synchronize employees from Buddee to Shiftbase
  • Synchronize absence types from Buddee to Shiftbase
  • Synchronize absence and leave from Buddee to Shiftbase

Employee synchronization

When you create an employee in Buddee, they are synchronized to Shiftbase. Don't forget to select a team for your employees, which can be done via the Shiftbase integration in Buddee. You manage your employees' records entirely in Buddee.


All leave and absence data is synchronized from Buddee to Shiftbase. Your employees manage their absences in Buddee.


To install the integration, you'll need an API token from Shiftbase. Go to the App Center in Shiftbase to find the Shiftbase API Token. Then, fill in this API token in the integration settings within Buddee under Settings -> Apps -> Shiftbase. After saving, the integration will be installed, synchronizing absence types, employees, and future absences.

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