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About AFAS Software

Discover a game-changer for your business with AFAS, the leading provider of ERP software. In the dynamic landscape of modern companies, focusing on your core products and services is paramount. Imagine having more time for what truly matters – unleashing your entrepreneurial spirit!
As a Dutch family business, AFAS is driven by passion and a commitment to customers. Their innovative software products cater to the diverse needs of the business market. Beyond technological excellence, AFAS embraces social responsibility, making them a trusted partner for those seeking not just software but a catalyst for success. Elevate your business with AFAS – where efficiency meets entrepreneurship.

Information about the Integration

Facilitate effortless collaboration between Shiftbase and AFAS with our integration. Import and update employee data in Shiftbase, and smoothly export worked hours directly to AFAS, ensuring streamlined operations and data accuracy across platforms.


  • Import and update employee data in Shiftbase
  • Export hours worked to AFAS

You want to boost your workforce management with Shiftbase and AFAS? Then click here.

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