AFAS by BrynQ

About BrynQ

BrynQ specializes in creating connectors and API's that make HR and payroll systems communicate like never before. Full or semi-automated. Data management that empowers vendors and businesses with smart, secure, and efficient data handling and visualization via our integration cloud.

About the integration

We can basically connect any system to any system and also apply logic/customer-specific data processing rules to it. Through our platform, there is the possibility to connect 'Plug & Play' with more than 80+ systems.

How it works

Shiftbase ∞ AFAS Version 1.5 would be an extension of the standard functionality that Shiftbase already provides, including additional fields and custom logic for processing booked hours, leave, and absences through our middleware. This would accommodate country-specific, company-specific, or CLA-specific HR and payroll arrangements.

Shiftbase ∞ AFAS Version 2.0 would position AFAS as the leading system for the setup of Shiftbase. This means that organizational units from AFAS would be created in Shiftbase through the interface. The same applies to absence types, holidays, locations, etc. (essentially, everything that can be updated via the API). This integration would significantly reduce the need for configuration on the Shiftbase side, allowing for a direct standardization of leave and absence links. Additionally, it centralizes the creation of departments and other management elements, simplifying overall management