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About e-UUR

Payrollers make the difference by focussing on the one thing that is truly important for them so they can be more of a service towards their clients and flex workers. e-UUR is even so flexible that you can be of service to each and every hirer in their own unique way. In that way, you will always fulfill the desires of your customers. From time registration to a digital dossier, from onboarding to digital autographs and from reservations to reports: e-UUR is enormous in its possibilities and they still continue their development.

The time registration of e-UUR makes it possible for a simple, fast, and completely digital way to process your worked hours. This can be done in your own portal, but also with the e-UUR app. Next to writing expenses, like travel expenses and leave and vacation hours, it is also possible to, independently of the layout of your worked hours, import all worked hours and expenses from Excel, CSV or TXT files to e-UUR with the press of a single button.

Information about the integration

You can manage the integration with e-UUR yourself. Within the settings of the integration you can decide which employees you would like the worked hours to be passed through. All the employee information is then automatically updated.


  • Export hours without the interference of files
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Cree fácilmente horarios de trabajo en línea con información sobre la disponibilidad, las ausencias y los costos salariales.

Registro de tiempo

Registro de horas trabajadas mediante fichaje de entrada y salida o registro manual con móvil y escritorio.

Dejar registro

Los empleados pueden solicitar la licencia ellos mismos, para que un supervisor pueda evaluar la solicitud.

Shiftbase application

Los beneficios de Shiftbase

  • Ahorre un 20% en sus costos salariales

  • Planificación de personal disponible en cualquier momento y en cualquier lugar

  • Un registro de tiempo claro

  • Vinculada a su administración de nómina

Otras empresas que ya confían en la calidad de Shiftbase
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“With Shiftbase we can switch adequately within the work schedule and have a grip on the payroll processes. In addition, the employees are also happy because for them the schedule and hours worked are always transparent."

Barto Hulleman, Taco Bell