BCS HR Software

About BCS

BCS from 's-Hertogenbosch has grown since 1978 to become one of the larger payroll processors in the Netherlands. With modular and flexible Payroll and HR software, we can provide the most suitable service to any organization, big or small, in any sector. It's not just one aspect, but the total picture that generates results. It's the entirety that pays off!BCS has everything to execute your HR policies. Thanks to the combination of software, our knowledge, experience, and service, we can support any HR issue from any organization or HR department. We automate the most crucial, recurring processes and, with our knowledge and experience, we're personally there for you in exceptional cases. We provide you with all the tools to implement your HR policies with maximum insight and complete control, offering advice and support when needed.

Information about the integration

You can manage the integration with BCS (Delta payroll software) yourself. Within the integration settings, you can determine which data will be updated by Shiftbase. Afterwards, all employee data will be automatically updated without the need for manual intervention.

  • Employee data import from BCS
  • Payroll data export from Shiftbase